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David Stone LLC
5800 Fern Valley Rd 140
LouisvilleKY 40228
 (502) 384-5108

How Our Process Works:

Our first appointment with you will be focused on template creation. During this 30-45 minute visit to your home or job site, we will make physical templates of your counters, as well as gather sink and faucet information that we need in order to fabricate. Once your stone arrives, you have the option to come down to our showroom and see your templates on the full slab. This gives you an understanding of where we will be cutting the stone for your countertops.

In order to initiate a job we require a 50% deposit. After a job is complete the other 50% will need to be paid. If not payed within 2 weeks, we have the right to remove and not return the 50% deposit. Our price does not include removing countertops like formica, granite, marble, and quartz. David Stone is countertop related and provides ONLY countertop service.

Before we arrive to do the removal or installation of your existing countertops, you MUST check to make sure that the water shut off valve(s) under your sink work. If it does not work, you will need to use the main water shut off at the time of the removal, and have the plumber that is hooking up your sink and faucet replace them before the water can be turned back on. If any leaking occurs because your shut off does not work it is not the responsibility of David Stone LLC. We will not disconnect or reconnect any gas appliance, electrical appliances or plumbing fixtures. We are NOT licensed plumbers and cannot do plumbing work for you. We will secure your under-mount sink to the countertop. We are not responsible for providing any other sort of service.

Please contact us if you have any further questions!